And once started, the line of action follows smoothly. It’s like flowing downstream in a dingy with a sail. Starting with building a list (you know, where the money is), to coming up with the right copy, to testing (split-testing your work), certainly you will never again be bored because you will never stop learning.

Certainly you've heard, as an old seasoned marketer once said: "Without advertising something very bad happens". And when asked "What's that?" The old man replied "Nothing"! And from the standpoint of affordability, useability and efficiency, certainly email marketing is right up there.

Whether web based or brick-and-mortar, when ecommerce marketers and store owners alike with limited time and resources are looking for a solution, this course of action cannot be overlooked.

Read on to find 40 important email marketing tips, follow the advice and let us know the type of results you achieve.

Remember that starting with few results is much better than having no results at all, eh? And, if you get a plethora of results right out of the gate, well that’s even better.

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